What's new in Impact Suite

Check out the four main areas we improve in Impact Suite v12!


Automation activities or hundreds of useful functions.

Data Entry

Identify common problems and resolve inefficiencies.


Design actions and workflow based on conditions.

Email Tracking

Automate bulk emails and manager email responses!

Delivers power, flexibility,
and features not found in native Act!

AI like automation but with a human control.

Impact Suite

for Act! and people like you

Desktop, tablet or mobile solutions available using Impact Suite!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Impact Suite includes many enhancements to help Act! users see more relevant contact details on one or multiple screens, produce automated tasks, emails and reporting plus so much more to boost and simplify your Act experience.

Durkin Add-ons, Inc has partnered with Act to build add-ons that help you get things done right.

Impact Suite is an addon which you install after you install Act! It includes the entire suite along with reporting and automation!


The report designer provides a graphical interface in which you can define queries and report layouts for your Act database in SQL.

Create professional reports using any data including activities, opportunities or custom table from this stand-alone application.

The report scheduler allows you to automate report(s) to PDF and attaching to emails automatically.


Impact Automation relieves repetition and can even transform your organization..

Automation is a way of having a process happen on its own without the need for user action.
Don't lose leads cause they have 'fallen off'

Activity — assign task/activity to a record owner.

Email — send an email to one or more contacts as you specify.

Field Update — update the value of a field on a record.

Opportunity — create an opportunity based on conditions.

Custom — design your own process to automate.

Impact Suite delivers power, flexibility,and features not found in native Act! And not found in any other single add-on out there.

The biggest benefit is you don't need multiple add-on anymore!

Individually, Impact Suite’s features deliver more, but now combined into one suite the value is unmatched, and you have only one product to install, run and learn. Impact makes being an Act power user easy!

Custom Tables — Assign task/activity to a record owner.

Reporting — Easily produce custom reports that can be emailed automatically at scheduled times to specified contacts. Set it, then forget it!

Automation — Save time, eliminate missed steps and avoid tedious repetition! Let an Impact script automate those steps that execute automatically or from one simple button!.

Opportunity — Too often, Opportunities is the most underused component in Act! Impact combines Act’s actions, fields and details you need, all in one place!.

Custom — Impact Suite not only delivers the most comprehensive and flexible design options for your layouts, lists, templates and reports, it also does so more capably, faster and more easily than Act! alone!.

Looking for a solution

We can design, implement and deliver one for you!

Custom Solutions For Your Company

Sometimes products as good as Act! fall short of your business practices and requirements.

That's where Durkin Computing steps in. We have created custom solutions for ACT! to remove any 'pain points'.
  • Custom Tables / Data Entry
  • Accounting Integration
  • Business Workflow and Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards

What are custom software solutions? Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. In contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software development aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements.

All our custom software development projects are 100% written in Microsoft's .NET technology. (That's what's under the hood in ACT!)

Impact Reports is now included with Impact Suite

FUll Report Scheduling is now *INCLUDED* in Impact Suite Resources.

Impact Suite

Impact Suite helps you to manage, enhance, and get more out of Act!.

Add enhancements to every view in Act.

Report Designer

Create professional reports to PDF, Excel, HTML and emails automatically.

Included in Impact Suite.