This feature allows managers to design actions and workflow
based on conditions is the application.

Scripts are available in the Act application as users do work. On this screen we have 5 custom scripts users can select at any time.
( Yes, scripts can look like buttons. )

NOTE* Scripts can also be calculation that run as the user enters data or do any number of advanced tasks..
You can create [Run Workflow] panel.( see the red circle )

Now the user clicks one button to perform a series of tasks eliminated the dreaded 'Oops, I forgot to schedule the call'.

NOTE* Automation can use scripts but automation runs in the background without user interaction.

OK, I'm interested. How easy is scripting?

For the typical end user scripting is done by simple
drag and drop then setting values.

Advanced users can select multiple scripts from a
list of pre-defined scripts or write your own in c#.