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Home > Report Designer > Installation > Installing from the Internet

Installing from the Internet

Home > Report Designer > Installation > Installing from the Internet

Installing from the Internet

The setup program will install 'Impact Report Designer '. Ensure that your workstation meets the recommended requirements as outlined in System Requirements.

Follow the steps below to install Impact Report Designer :

1. Download Impact Report Designer from, the following message will appear. Click 'Run'. 

2. A security warning screen may appear. Click 'Run' to continue.

3. Once downloaded, the following 'Welcome' screen will appear. Click 'Next'. 


4. You will be asked to accept the license agreement. Check 'I agree' and then click 'next' to continue the installation.

5. This window displays the folder location of your current ACT! installation. The default installation folder is "c:\program files\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins". Click 'Next'. 

6. Select the user who have access to this application and click INSTALL


7. When complete, a message will appear indicating that the installation was successfull. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation. 

You will now have a desktop icon to launch the program

Double click on the Impact Reports icon to launch.

If you are registering this trial version then enter;
    1) Your "Contact name"
    2) Your "Email address" 
then click on the REGISTER TRIAL button

If you have already purchased and received a serial number then enter:
    1) Your "Contact name"
    2) Your "Email address" 
    3) Your "Serial Number" 
then click on the REGISTER NOW button


The first time running Impact Report Designer you will be asked to install the default reports. If you select NO you can install the reports at a latter time by using the Download From Web feature.

If the software will be run in a Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix Server please follow the required steps for each. 

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