What's new in Impact Suite v12

PERFORMANCE: Performance improvements when on a cloud server!

CHANGED: Removed the Mouse Wheel to change values in the dropdown list.

CHANGED: On Decimal/Currency fields you can change it to negative by adding the "-" ( minus) key at the beginning on the value.
To change negative to positive place the cursor at the first "(" character and hit the backspace or delete key.

FIXED: Impact now uses the field definition formatting string on data entry..

FIXED: Fixed an issue when sorting the Activity List on a contact field such as Id/Status.

FIXED: An issue when importing using a CSV file and the GUID column is now valid.

ADDED: You can now change the SORT order of a GROUP by clicking on the Column header in the Group By Box at the top of the list view.

FIXED: In the History List view the duration column was not summable.

ADDED: The [Template] button on top toolbar of the Contact List View.

CHANGED: In the designer applying a theme applies to the native Act labels also.

FIXED: When opening a native Act contact layout, the controls fields are now visible.

FIXED: Some fields were not refreshing when being updated by a math script.

FIXED: In an opportunity script the engine was returning "True" and not "true".
Lowercase was needed for the c# compiler.

FIXED: In the designer when adding a new field to the opportunity layout, the field was being added to the contact table..

FIXED: Automatic Dropdown/PickList for each user on a team was not updating if the team user count was the same.

FIXED: When adding a script to a button the script was not running on the Contact Details view..

CHANGED: In the radius lookup feature it now updates three fields inside the record: "Latitude", "Act latitude", and "Business Latitude".

ADDED: An option to 'Hide Separators' on number fields. Useful when you use a number field such as 'invoice number'.
Instead of displaying 123,456 the option displays 123456

CHANGED: When enhancing the Activity tab on Groups and Companies views, Impact now displays all the activities attached to all the contacts.

ADDED: Incremental text back is back! Go to the designer and select CONTROLS toolbox.

CHANGED: On the calendar view NON Working (or OFF Hours) hours are applied to the weekends.

FIXED: Radius searched were not setting to Kilometers.

ADDED: An option to auto update the radius lookup when the user enters a new Postal code into the current contact.

FIXED: When selecting a email body template Impact now defaults to Word Templates (DOC) rather then Act Templates (ADT).

FIXED: Under some conditions word templates with a table and multiple rows were not merging.

ADDED: On a [Create Activity] button you can now set the user whom the activity is scheduled for.
GO to the properties window and the options is at the bottom.

ADDED: Automatic Dropdown/PickList for each user on a team.
Look under the "Manage Dropdowns" you will now find "Team "

FIXED: When the task list is detached it now refreshed the first time.

CHANGED: Increase speed performance in the History List.

FIXED: When using the button control to create a history the Regarding value is set.

FIXED: Under some conditions the color rules where not being applied to the entire row.

FIXED: The time portion was not displaying in the field when set to DateTime.

FIXED: If you set the background color of a text box control in the designer is was not sticking.

ADDED: When the text box field is set to FOLDER picker you can expand the control
to display the contents of the folder. Make sure you make the control very TALL

ADDED: In the math scripting you can now get the value of a field from the PARENT record!
example: GetValueParent(string tableName, string displayName)
example: SetValueParent(string tableName, string displayName, object value)

ADDED: Option to LOOKUP values in ALL emails or Phone fields

FIXED: In the designer the properties of a History button where not sticking between session.

ADDED: AAn option to turn ON/OFF the way Impact colorized column in the list view based on the current lookup criteria
example: If you lookup CITY = Dallas the city column is painted light green

ADDED: The ability to select the column color in the above feature

ADDED: Added a LINE control in the designer under CONTROLS

FIXED: When holding down the CTRL and selecting/deselecting rows the list was deselect all rows

ADDED: A new control to display fields from a 'parent' table @Attached Custom Field@ in the designer under CONTROLS

FIXED: When using a parent field control you can now select ANY type of field in the parent table.
Previously only selected character fields

FIXED: The decimal precision on currency fields was not allowing more than 2 places to the right.

ADDED: A routine to lookup a company record by just a text string. Useful under button scripting.

FIXED: The Created date column was not sorting

FIXED: Removed the duplicate rows in the history list when multiple contacts are attached to a single history

FIXED: When the list was refreshed the first row was not applying the color rule

FIXED: When duplicating a row on a list view the list was refreshing multiple time cause a speed degradation

FIXED: The report designer was throwing an error if the contact table had more than 600 fields.

CHANGED: The Task List on the calendar view now supports ALL the same features as the master task list view!

UPDATED: Updated the Geocode for USA, Canada and Australia

CHANGED: increased speed when refreshing the custom list especially when switching view in ACT

CHANGED: If a picture control is NOT bound to a field then the cut/copy/paster buttons will are be visible

FIXED: A c# compile issue under custom scripting on a button

FIXED: Custom activity fields were not showing up in the task list on the calendar view

FIXED: When the Math editor was in 'Preview' mode you could not scroll down.

FIXED: When a lookup file name is longer than 25 characters is now only display the first 25 characters

CHANGED: The email assistant only reads the first 500 emails. Some users have THOUSANDS of undeleted email and this was taking a few minutes to read

FIXED: Under some conditions when saving a new email campaign it was displaying a message.

ADDED: In the email automation list, If a campaign has more emails to send the COUNT column is now green.

ADDED: An options to support RTF OR ASCII formatting in a memo field.

FIXED: The opportunity view now remembers the bottom panel filters when switching between views in ACT.

FIXED: When using CTRL+V to paste into a memo field it was passing twice.

UPDATED: Postal Codes for USA and Canada have been updated.

FIXED: When updating the GeoCodes for Radius Mapping the users can now select the current contact lookup.
This will update all the contacts in the current lookup even if they have previous GeoCode values.

FIXED: You can now enhance the History tab on the Company and Group details view.

FIXED: Date field now accept direct keyboard inputs. Previously it was trying to auto[populate the current year..

FIXED: Clicking on a secondary email hotlink now creates a new email message addressed to the secondary email field.

FIXED: Under some conditions the data entry from was blank after being editing in the designer.
Users needed to restart ACT to correct. This has been fixed.

FIXED: Using custom fields on the 'Edit Activity' form now works when upgrading from earlier version of Impact.

ADDED: In automation you can now select which user the activity is assigned to.
The default is the contact’s record manager.

ADDED: In the automation you can now select custom Priority levels. ( High, Medium, Low, ect...)

ADDED: Users can now edit the CSS style sheet in the mail automation form.
Click on the SHOW CODE button. The CSS code is now editable at the bottom of the form.

FIXED: When opening a custom 'edit activity' the math functions now run 'on form open'.

CHANGED: On the enhanced 'Edit Activity' form when the user changes the Start Date / The End date also changes.

FIXED: Word was spawning multiple copies in the background when merging documents.
Also increased the speed when printing/emailing multiple contact records.

ADDED: In the data entry designer the NEW fields are now under the CONTROLS toolbox.

CHANGED: In the data entry designer the FIELDS toolbox only displays all the fields NOT on the data entry form.
To duplicate a field use the keyboard CUT then PASTE an existing control.

ADDED: 'File Picker' and 'Folder Picker' controls are now back in the designer in v12.
Click on the PROPERTIES of the control then set the TYPE from 'Standard' to 'FilePicker' or 'Folder Picker'

ADDED: Set your database to SYNC on startup!.
GO to Impact Suite -> Options Tab -> REMOTE DATABASE OPTIONS section

FIXED: The 'Date Range' drop down was not sticky between Act sessions.

ADDED: Option to create a history record after the auto events- Click on the [Options] button

FIXED: When adding an activity to a project sometimes it was not adding it to the activity list

ADDED: Email Assistant - Help manager your bulk email campaigns.

ADDED: In the automation section, added the ability to send documents to a printer.

ADDED: In The Report Designer any label can be used to place the contacts current record information on the report.
The label text must start with "MY:" and have the field name to display. Example MY:Contact or MY:E-mail

ADDED: An option to support Cut / Copy / Paste in the enhanced text boxes.

FIXED: When a field has a pick list, you can now select a second field to population the description into.

FIXED: When adding the Company List to the Opportunity view it was blank..

FIXED: After Applying a theme on an Opportunity layout ACT would throw an error when loading the layout the first time.
Please open and resave your layout if this is occurring.

FIXED: When navigating using the company treeview the custom table tab was not refreshing for each selected company.

FIXED: If the name of the saved query was too long it was not appearing in Impact.

FIXED: When upgrading from V11 to V12 some of the custom tabs were not being populated.

FIXED: When upgrading from V11 to V12 some memo fields were set to black background color.

ADDED: The ability to change multiple history values from the list view Right-click and select "Change Vales".

ADDED: On the calendar Cut, Copy, Paste now supports pasting the activity on a different selected day.

ADDED: A 'Send test' email button on the campaign email preview.

ADDED: Remove a single record from the Undelete List.

ADDED: The ability to place your company logo on the top right corner.

FIXED: On the opportunity list view the stage picklist was incorrectly in alphabetical order. It is now in the correct process/stage order.

FIXED: When multiple control are selected in the designer changing properties is applied to all selected.

ADDED: A newer modern Cascading Dropdown control.

ADDED: A newer modern Picklist control allowing you to replace multiple fields using lookup values.

FIXED: Changing the Font Color in the designer was not sticky under some conditions.

FIXED: When sending an report via SMTP sometimes the port number was incorrect so the email was not sending.

ADDED: Option for the criteria dialog box when running reports.

ADDED: When adding a report to the "print Button" there is now options to "Preview".

ADDED: Campaign Tracking.

FIXED: Create activity button "Open Activity on Edit" was not sticky .

ADDED: Added an 'Alarmed" option when changing the values of multiple activities.

ADDED: In the designer, when adding a field onto a form you can now select the style.
The Style option is also a sticky preferences

FIXED: When typing into a date field the 'date portion' was not accepting two digits..

ADDED: Local Time Clock to display the local time based on the latitude and longitude fields of the current contact.
The clock in found under the Widgets panel in the designer

ADDED: Support for HTML template sin the email automation (Previously only supported MS WORD).

ADDED: In the form designer the apply themes function now remembers the last settings.

ADDED: The ability to name the document when it is created using a button. Open the button's properties in the designer to access the nameing options.

ADDED: When merging a document you can now merge a Hyperlink. Edit the hyperlink in word then add the field manually such as https://www.impactact.com/UnSubscribe.aspx?email=< tbl_contact.business_email >

ADDED: The ability to run a math function when Act launches or when Act Closes

ADDED: The ability to click on ANY act menu from the Scripting engine such as SYNC DATABASE when launching Act! ***DEV NOTE*** Startup / shutdown only run against the contacts

ADDED: In the task list popup menu the ability to add multiple activity series to multiple contacts.

ADDED: Cut, Copy and Paste hot keys for the themed text boxes.

FIXED: Date control was not saving if the user clicked NEXT before leaving the date field.

FIXED: Under some condition the child table was not populating multiple rows on the Word Template ( AutoExpand preference )

FIXED: When changing the activity Priority using the hot key combo two activities were getting updated.

FIXED: The activity list was not remembering the "Show Cleared" option when restarting the application.

FIXED: When adding an activity on the Opportunity view the activity now defaults to the contacts attached to the current opportunity


Automated without user interaction More Info

This new feature allows managers to design automation such as creating activities based on conditions in the database.

Conditions are built and saved using the 'Advance Query' builder in Act!

Click to enlarge

This new feature allows managers to automatically send emails based on conditions in the database.

The daily send limit is based on your email provider.

Conditions are built and saved using the 'Advance Query' builder in Act!

Click to enlarge

This new feature allows managers to create new activities for the end users based on conditions in the database.

Conditions are built and saved using the 'Advance Query' builder in Act!

Click to enlarge

This new feature allows managers to automatically create new opportunities based on conditions in the database.

Click to enlarge

Is there something we didn't think of?

This new feature allows you to automate any action (or multiple actions) based on conditions in the database.

Click to enlarge


End users activated scripts inside Act! More Info

New interface makes it super easy to design workflow. End users only need to select the type of action from a predefined list to create highly automated workflow patterns.

  • Act menu items (Interface)
  • Pre-defined scripts
  • Stored functions (using c#)

Click to enlarge

Once you have selected the script easily change the dialogs using the simple editor.

'Click to enlarge' to see how to create a simple Yes / No response directed toward the end user.

Click to enlarge

Stacking multiple actions into one scrpt create a powerful automation work flow pattern for your company..

'Click to enlarge' to see how how easily we created four action in one .

Click to enlarge

As you use the scripting tool you can design you events based on conditions of the current record such as ID/Status = "Lead"
Or any field in your database!

'Click to enlarge' to see how this powerful scripting can overcome your most complex data entry requirements.

Click to enlarge

Data Entry

Modern form designer for today's needs. More Info

Meet our modern, inspirational, nimble, clear, painless forms designer with the power and flexibility to make your life easier.

Click to enlarge

Simply drag and drop useful automated buttons onto your form.
Yes, just drag and drop!

Click to enlarge

You've loved color rules on the list view. Now enjoy them on the data entry side.

Click to enlarge

Tired of the same old tab at the bottom?. So were we!
So we modernized it's look and feel

Click to enlarge

Enjoy selecting each and every control to change its property? We weren't too!

We created a simple and elegant theme builder.

Click to enlarge

Look and Feel

Supports up to date technology and software. More Info

Supports Windows 11 look and feel. We drag the interface into the modern age!

Click to enlarge

As always we keep up to date!

That means Impact Suite and all of our tools support the latest Act! releases including up to Act! v25! Click to enlarge